The Concrete Pump Working Principle

Update:Jul 26, 2019

As a professional concrete pump machine, concrete pump […]

As a professional concrete pump machine, concrete pump can deliver concrete material to very high places. Because it has high pressure inside.


Per experience, the concrete pump works using the principle of how a screw work. Typically a motor driven large evenly threaded shaft confined in a narrow tube. The mixed concrete is placed on a large bin where a section of threaded screw passes..


Every rotation of the screw pushes certain amount or volume of concrete onto a long tunnel like tubing thereby causing the displacements of so much concrete from the large bin to the delivery point. Therefore the faster the shaft of the motor spins, the more concrete will be displaced, that will pumped out, since the shaft is directly connected to threaded impeller of the pump…. The direct linkage makes the pump very efficient in pushing the mixed concrete!


A simple machine using the principle of a screw to do the heavy work.