The Backbone Of Hydraulic Cylinders

Update:May 09, 2019

Hydraulic cylinder are a significant part of many machi […]

Hydraulic cylinder are a significant part of many machinery. They operate without being noticed by any human and they perform outstandingly without being praised even. Hydraulic Cylinders Applications are widely used in various industries for different machinery purpose. The component piston is the backbone of hydraulic cylinders which are mounted in the cylinder barrel.


These applications exhibit the profundity of mechanical dependence on Hydraulic Cylinders. These productive, successful and simple machines are equipped for achieving much that we as a whole underestimate in our lives.


The main components of a hydraulic cylinder are


Piston Rod


These cylinders get most of their power from fluids like oil. The piston is connected to a piston rod which moves back and forth with the help of the fluid. The caps are used at the ends of the barrel while the glands are used on the top.


Oil is used with the help of a hydraulic pump which pumps the oil in the cylinder to move the pistons. The hydraulic cylinder has an actuator which works as a motor.