Hongyu Has A Vast Selection Of Hydraulic Cylinders

Update:Oct 28, 2019

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical device which is us […]

A hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical device which is used to create force in a straight line. It uses fluid (hydrostatic energy) to magnify linear force. A small force exerted over a small surface area is transferred and amplified into a large force over a large surface area.

Hydraulic cylinders are used in virtually all applications that need linear force magnification. In fact, the hydraulic cylinder market is expected to be worth over $16 billion by 2025.

A few applications include presses, clamps, and sheers for lifting, pulling, pushing, holding and bending. They are useful in many sectors including aerospace, industry, defense, and material handling, among others.

Hongyu has a vast selection of hydraulic cylinders, with a worldwide distribution network. If you’re looking to buy, choosing the right machine can be tough. There are hundreds of options and customizations, depending on your needs. This article discusses in detail.