Concrete Pump Is Particularly Important

Update:Jun 20, 2019

A concrete pump is a machine used to convey liquid conc […]

A concrete pump is a machine used to convey liquid concrete by means of pumping. The pump works by one piston drawing liquid concrete into a cylinder from a hopper, while the other simultaneously pushes its concrete out into the discharge pipes.

Concrete pump is particularly important in revolutionizing the construction of large high-rise buildings and structures. The placement of concrete in inaccessible areas has necessitated the use of pumps in the current construction process.

Especially with the growth of ready-mixed concrete across the world, the need for pumping has increased manifold. While the ease of pumping depends on the type of pump available, the distance over which the concrete is to be pumped and the properties of the concrete, along with a number of finer aspects can affect the operation.

Following are the advantages of using a concrete pump:

Concrete pumps are the best option for placing concrete at the construction site at a faster rate.
Concrete can be placed easily and at a faster rate at inaccessible sites.
Using specialized concrete pumps reduces the labour as less handling is required since concrete can be placed directly at the desired location.
Saves man power, energy and over-head costs.
Concrete placing is not affected by weather conditions
Reliable and assures high quality work.