Concrete Pump Is A Pumping Machine

Update:Mar 14, 2019

Concrete pump is a pumping machine that makes full use […]

Concrete pump is a pumping machine that makes full use of pressures to realize the long-distance conveying of concrete at various construction works. But besides that, how much do you know about concrete pumps? Today, we want to make a brief introduction of the three main components concrete pump.


1. Main power system

Concrete pump can be motored by diesel or electricity, and diesel concrete pump has higher adaptability comparing with electric concrete pump. Besides that, electric concrete pump can’t work smoothly without sufficient power in some places. In contrast, diesel concrete pump can work smoothly without considering electric power, which gives perfect explanation for customers’ preference of diesel concrete pumps. However, electric concrete pump has favorable price and low working noises, which can undoubtedly meet the requirements of city constructions.


2. Pumping system

This system transports concrete to the pouring field along with the conveying pipeline. In general, concrete pump has two transmission modes that are high pressure small displacement and low pressure large displacement. Users can make the best selection according to the conveying height (or distance) of your construction works. Our machine adopts automatic pressure switch technology that can achieve free pressure transfer in a second, which is more convenient that tradition pumping machines.


3. Hydraulic and electric control system

Hydraulic system has open system and closed system, and open system has the advantages of low oil temperature and high cleanliness. In contrast, closed system has the advantages of small hydraulic tank and compact structure. Electric control system generally adopts PLC control, and some machine is equipped with text display that has good man and machine interface. The protection procedures will start immediately to protect the pump from damage under abnormal working conditions, and it can display the reasons of failure, which can be convenient for fault diagnosis and maintenance.